First and foremost the role played by the printed metal cans in creating better value for all customers in packaging,and establish a manufacturing reputation. The importance is crucial to the long term strategy of any company  by significantly changing all the attributes that could change the course of  it’s business. First tier enterprises set standards ,third tier enterprises produce products . In this context, set  standards by way of printed  metal  cans printed  with pictures and colours projects confidence and high quality development to the consumer and the industrial user alike. It could be used to resolving  problems of competition  if properly designed , and presented. It’s true value is to prevent being shut down by others. Design is critical  against professional cheats. The manufacturing process of the can a determine the performance the can.  Manufacturing is for the long term and is a slow process.

Packaging products in printed colour cans  creates  high recognition and reputation. It has huge industrial value. Printed metal cans are  based on tin-plates . Metal printing or metal decoration  offer  any range  of designs and colours. General Container has the expertise   and know-how  in design for both solid and/or, tone colours ,coatings ,internal and external lacquering for  any metal  printing on tin-plates  In this way printing and lacquering is more durable in the process of manufacturing packaging which can reduce the failure rate and increase the life of the product. Product recognition for any good signature product of any company, metal printed cans are essential to build more resilience to external shocks. Our experience over decades shows that  it’s a must -have for all stages from initial planning to maturity.  We emphasize that only  high quality metal  printing  can create a brand effect and induce a perceived  confidence in high quality product inside the packaging.   Printed metal  cans can deliver outstanding shelf presence that marketing research repeatedly demonstrate  that it appeals to consumers . Other factors include product value and interest rates, reliability, and flexibility  regarding delays  (expiry dates ,storage etc. )  and disturbance risks.

Printed metal cans are cost effective for creating better value for all customers.  We think competition  and make them better. Success hinges on details. Our guiding policy is to use the best materials ,parts and tools in the world to build the best products in the world. It is not just about making high quality products but about making them  efficiently and cost effectively in a fierce competitive market it about building a future. And sell them pragmaticaily with common sense. It’s about quality.  It is important to us to ensure we provide quality and stable services to customers. We don’t need or want to use anti-competitive method. We are competitive.

Delivery logistics:  (i)   our wholly owned  truck delivery for                                                          large quantities

                                           (ii)  self-collection  for small quantities



Picture:  selection of  metal cans  designed, decorated and , fabricated  by General Container over the 30 years.


Picture shown above: Colour printed sheets and, finish tin cans

Picture shown above: 17Kg, 5Kg, 3Kg, open top, flexspout ,bridge handle, tin cans

Picture shown above: printed colour  and  plain tin cans


Basic : Plain/Plain tin cans

Industrial metal packaging is of a more practical nature. The emphasis is on shipping, handling, and protection of the product.   It is important that the packaging shape and process of packaging is designed with material handling in mind. Generally approximately nine percent of a products total manufacturing  costs attributed to packaging.The three major areas of packaging costs are labour,materials and the equipment used in the process

GENERIC METAL CANS commoditized  tin cans  or “Plain/Plain metal “cans ; they are plain inside and plain outside. “Plain/Plain metal” cans have no protective varnish . 

PRINTED METAL CANS Printed tin cans  are key to  quality and market recognition .​

Photograph :  tinplates

Photograph : stocks of tin-plates.


(1) Shearing The large coil of metal is cut into sheets at the rate of 120 sheets per minute on a shear press.

(2) Coating A protective coating is placed the sheets and cured in a 27 meters LTG  gas-fired oven.

(3) Printing The sheets are decorated with whatever printing the customer desires and then an over coat of vanish is                placed on the decorated sheet and cured in a 27 meters LTG gas fired oven.

(4) End forming Ends are stamped out .

(5) Slitting Body sheets are slit into individual body blanks                                   which will be formed into cans

(6) Body Forming Body blanks are fed into a body-maker                                                    where they are formed into cylinders and                                                are joined at  their side seams by weld.

(7) Double seam One end, top or bottom, depending on                                                     customer specifications, is double seamed                                           on  the can.  What do these do :  a position                                             must be accurate within one tenth of a                                                     millimeter in most  reconfigurations.