• WHO ARE WE : OUR STORY offers a valuable insights how we are navigating failures and set-backs as we  re-develop a busiiness. For 33 years we were under attack ,fraud, deception, swindling, cheating,  and extreme sorcery pressures  showcasing the strategic tools and  means to cancel us.
  • 19 January  1957      : the company was incorporated with limited liability.

*December 1988 :  We agreed buy the company subject to  debt write-off. General Container  escaped  imminent financial collapse on being sold to H.S.Kong  at an estimated MYR13.7 millions in aggregate together with assuming debts. Regardless of the impression others are trying to make,the reality is that we became  the controlling sharholder of the  Company but has no control over it. The crooks had in ways explained hereinafter hijacked management  and, Board control. Lack of engineering experience made us heavily dependent on the existing management in the company . This weakness was exploited to the fullest extent and the company rigged to self-destruct. We were fooled. We saw was evidence that this company was looted  beyond an empty shell   insolvent and bankrupt.  We can deal with ordinary company  insolvency   but, not a company rigged to self- destruct. Bearing in mind that we had treated them  with  respect  letting them retain a significant stake, continue as  directors and even ceded Board majority to them.

Finding partners that  blackmails is something nobody wants, let alone the dirty tactics that hindered the  others performance.  The warnings from former employees and suppliers , led  to  realization that the deep deception , anomalies and manipulated transactions were rife  and  skilfully hidden. It seems a stretch that they know nothing about it. The known fact they had earlier offered the company to many others.  Imagined the obsession to use business operations as games to cheat to steal to make a lot of money.They think all buyers are idiots. Kleptocracy is the game . Robbery is regarded as a glory instead of shame. Kleptocracy is going to play on and on until it can’t.   When they need you they were very nice and persuasive at the same time. Soon after you bring in your investment they swindle you off your investment without paying for it. They broke promises  of support , and did everything to thwart us. Robbery ,lootings can be understood  in the context that everybody else are suckers.

Even at the  begining ,during our negotiations with a key creditor told us that they were prepared to write off  MYR millions of outstanding debts to shut down the company .Creditors were exasperated . Back then this company and it’s management were  on the verge of bankruptcy when we acquired them for cash including taking on all MYR  millions in assumed debts . We were led to  believe that we are re-starting the company from zero debt , We were horrified that there were additional  undisclosed colossal debts  that  ballooned to  10 MYR millions 2 1/2 years after our purchase. This colossal debt was very burdensome .

After MYR millions in in debt write -offs  and ,  additiional MYR millions  cash put into the company, we came  under serious attacks 24/7 that  damaged the company and stymied our progress. It became incredibly difficult to revive the company. After taking over in mid 1991,  many  machinery don’t work , or  broke down repeatedly during use or, can’t be used at all. The repercussions have reverberated across all our businesses.  

From where we came from our word is our honour. Sadly not here. They say  one thing but did the opposite.  Inspite  of the embattled position we were in, we honoured our commitments in a timely manner to the creditors and ,banks, who wrote off MYR millions for us to acquire the company.

Gradually we paid off all the remaining  debts over decades.  When the company was going bust, they came to us to take over. Once bank creditors have written off MYR  2.2 millions of debt  they immediately turned  hostile and  attacked us  from all directions. It’s robbery in broad daylight under the cover of these attacks . We were stymied .  It’s part of the manipulations , manufacturing self-esteem and consent to cover up a stigma of disrepute. Once a villian you are a villian to the end . 

Furthermore, behind the crooks’ onslaught lies an extensive plan. In deception, the timing key events is important. Back in January 1989, we were away frequently in England for months. In that month ,  our round cans 73mm production line,which is the backbone of the business together with all customers had been covertly taken away from our Factory under various guises. No money whatsoever was received. The transactions became illegitimate and unsustainable  when you take from the company and didn’t pay a cent for it.  Pretending they are doing us a favour. Fool the world. Crooks viewed that as everyday work.  We are not the audience ,the audience is the rest of the industry. The intention is to make it look like they are doing us a favour. None of this benefits our company in any form or way in any conceivable way. Fool the world. When  you really think about it’s  robbery and theater .  Our 73 mm diameter line has already been put into production run at that time. Our loss of the entire 73 mm diameter cans business means we were kicked out of the 73 mm diameter markets and international markets . Before taking away our business, the crooks have absolutely no expertise in 73mm diameter cans business .  Look closely see the way it is done, particularly, the tools used ,where they are coming , the timeline , the characters involved, conflicts of interest, and their base. If it look like a duck  swims like a duck  quacks like a duck , it is probably a duck.

Systemic fraud, deception ,swindling and cheating are by nature designed to evade  detection or discovery. To understand the deceptive effect follow the money. To discover deception look closely at the timing.  it is clear that the ground work had been laid to carry out such  attacks with such heavy intensity  from all directions. Coordination demonstrated  required a painstakingly laid trap to systemically damage critical company infrastructure that  involved insider information and collusion and the involvement of many . The damage caused was beyond economic repair putting us under tremendous pressure.  It is far reaching in severity designed to wreck the company,  and destroy anyone  who might suceed. There is another weapon – sorcery which is hard to escape.  In this way we faced intensified  deception and lies non-stop for 2  1/2  years ,and intensified attacks non-stop  24/7 for 33 years. The viciousness was previously unheard of,  had to be exposed then stopped and eventually reversed.  The scale of damage hindered our  development for years.  Nevertheless we are not helpless.  We will not give up half- way after 34 years. That’s not going to happen. Time will tell the good from the evil. These maybe tough to understand if you have no experience.  As  you scroll down, it gets increasingly worse.

It took us 3 years to  June 1991 to remove the saboteurs in the company. It’s that hard to remove products from Hell. Companies fail for 2 reasons :(1) management was corrupt ,(2) workers were corrupt. Their removal triggered a firestorm of systematic attacks ,making us feel unprecedented pressure.  It has taken decades  of painstakingly thorough investigations  plowing through boxes  of documents and talking to banks, and suppliers, to realise that  from the early begining the  mastermind have cheated, lied ,stole  and looted their own company. Unimaginably dirty things happened  partiuclarly through dark channels. They say one thing and does another. The fish rots from the head down.

At an early stage, from the advantageous postion of control they had under the guise of helping us,they undermined company’s competitiveness and supply chain and, more. When they cut off our food supply won’t we be left helpless? When that happened our output faced limitations. Our large market share was lost to them. These problems mounted for years and years   as predatory measures from groups related to   mount  amidst which  we were hit with 13 lawsuits under various  guises.

We  could not be aware that there were massive leaks of confidential and commercial infomation that compromised  the integrity company and business. Only at the end of the story and, only then can we find the answer to the truth. The entire company was systemically rigged by insiders colluding with their partners against us. Our supply chain was disrupted. Our production was disrupted. Presumably ,the intention is to bring us to our knees in a lightning fast battle assuming we would have little ability to resist . Our customers were poached. These were coordinated  attacks that provided cover for wrongdoings. They had  repeatedly said they were helping us. That was insult upon injury.  What actually happened was they are actually doing everything  to crush us. Their group of   7 related companies collaborated targeting General Container predatory pricing, taking machines tools and dies, staff poaching to name just three. The important thing to keep in mind is that we had not violate their interest. As far as we are aware in the past the no one had ever endured to this point. At  the moment we are  working tiredlessly upgrading engineering and, reducing vulnerabilities to supply disruptions and price fluctuations . Where there is effort there is reward.

 In 21 June 1991  we have  no experience in manufacturing. A technical problem requires  weeks  or even  months to resolve.  We have an indomitable  spirit and never give up.Nevertheless we can learn something even if we are not good at it. At the initial stages we don’t know what we don’t know  ,we had relied excessively on others and that was high risk.. When we  wrest back the control of the company – we were relentless attacked on all fronts simultaneously. Sales dropped precipitiously. Those  24/7/365  storm of  all-out attacks were brutal and  intensified for decades.The more pressure they applied, the more we flourished. With continuous adaptation and  acquired comprehensive experience it’s only a matter of time.  We will not abandon cans making or surrender. 

A very important point to keep in mind that we didn’t  go to them to buy the company – they  came  to us. Our help  rescued them avoid imminent bankruptcy avoid their personal guarantees given to certain a creditor and the banks being called .

*1991    –   2016:    It took us 3 years to break the spell cast over us just to get the crucial  operational control .The situation of  company we found shocked us. The company that had been rigged ro self-destruct. That’s how low they go. The key time point  is January  1989 during the transition days leading to transfer  of company ownership to us. When we were distracted and focused on our tough negotiations with the company’s major creditor, and the banks   two new complete automatic manufacturing lines business completely with customers and all revelant workers were egregiously taken away disguised as a sale with faked invoices under cover. These automatic lines   73mm  (300)   diameter cans ,and  99 mm (401) diameter cans, have high demand. These businesses are our core competitiveness . They  are volume intensive high end manufacturing   and  have  high demand. At that time all the planning testing verfication were completed , fully commercially operational. With the 73mm   business they had outsized influence. Whereupon because they are the only seller ,you could only buy them at a high price. The 73 mm business were  the pillar of our  business with a stable base of high quality customers. It directly affected our market share and revenue scale. Scale is very important in manufacturing. It  is an incomparable advantage as business  calling  card. Who is willing to give up their core technology to others? Whoever controls these small round diameter cans and square cans has the most complete and sophisticated cans making in the industry and weild significant influence in the cans- making industry in Malaysia. The  73mm and 99mm businesses were very important and the  raison d’etre of  buying General Container in the first place. These machinery are all automatic new ,cutting edge and had achieved full commercial production. Lose one of these and it’s a pain, lose one entire 73mm production line, you are out of business. These losses  emptied the company . We incurred staggering losses. Incredibly they claimed they were helping us. The facts  undermined  these assertions. Sheer hypocrisy. Fool the world. No one would want to ruin themselves. Shifting other people’s property that do not belong to you without paying a cent for it  the behavour is  theft.   Cui bono. The better question is who benefits and what benefits . 

Adding insult to injury a supplier told us the scammers were mocking  us  ” the “two suckers from Singapore”. We were appalled. Presumably they had engineered the set-up to  benefited from  fraudulent buying of  semi-finished products at well below cost  from  General Container insiders. We are not a charity.  Presumably it has also beome a habit to snatch critical tools and dies ,and returning them worn-out.  

It  is painfully obvious stripping the company of all its strategic resources  in  carefully designed insider  job which could only be done with collaboration with their external partners. Devil wiil not stop doing bad things. A devil will never change.  If you believe the opposite you are not thinking logically.In cheating, lies, and stealing, people designing them aren’t idiots. There are not going to be 100 percent disclosure or, 100 percent transparency .Legal actionis not an option. After 20 years this trail  is cold so you got to work smart to solve it. Evaluate conjectures and refutations  that made logical sense are key to fill the gaps in unrevelling any carefully designed plot. We must analyze from 2 aspects such as where they are coming from. And  clues  at the behavorial characteristics and other anomalies. After our painful experience with  crooks we have no illusions. This serves as a warning to avoid chokeholds and complete blockades imposed by others. We have to say this to some of you even if you don’t care anything about what happened to us – better be careful what happened to us doesn’t come to visit you.

In  June 21,1991 when we abruptly and unexpectedly wrest control of the company, only to find the factory and business totally wrecked. Every  critical link  in the complex production lines were damaged or, gone missing. The close connectivity in every link is very important and indispensable. Any failure in one link will affect the performance of the entire production chain and, cause products scrapped.  The production lines are a highly integrated system. As long as there is a missing link or production step, it will stop production of tin cans. and, stop it did. The sabotage hit every process. Our price list, pricing calculations , profit margins, customer list ,and many more sensitive information were given to the crooks and had a really really adverse impact business. There were no  technical literature , no drawings, no blue prints anywhere in the factory, all stolen or destroyed. Every aspect of our business was systemically destroyed. Timely shipping and reliable delivery  were disrupted. Overall without 100 %  reliability in all process, production capabilities were hampered and products could not be shipped. Sales dropped . Suppliers clamoured for immediate payment.  We know the consequences of not being able to bear it. If we want to make a breakthrough we must bear the pain.  If we don’t fight we don’t know. 

All the cows demons gods and snakes came out. We were in an extreme new form war of attrition .Added the weaponisation  of sorcery on a colossal scale makes it hard to escape. Further adding to the complexity, critical  toolings and machinery  for production were sabotaged. A lot of other plant and equipment machines, toolings were intentionally damaged beyond economic repairs.  Production outages,  massive waste followed. The costs were high , the technical difficulties were also  high . Blowing out others’ candle does not make yours shine brighter.We find it hard to explained in any other simple way. 

2016-  2021    :  After 18 years, in 2016,  we  successfully navigated  across the mountains and formidable challenges .  Business cooperation opportunities were lost. We have demonstrated our unwavering determination, refusing to bow down to adversity and broke free from being choked.   Today we have smooth printing and, cans -making assembly integration bringing significant cost advantageous.  We have achieved zero faults, zero delays  and , zero account adjustments. Today we can develop without looking at anyone’s face. We are no longer  affected by denial of service or supplies.Demonstrating our competence and commitment we spend a lot of money on research and development  to ensure the stable operation of the business. Each step requires re-thinking and re-shaping. We will complete the transformation.

We often feel out of place with them .They told us to sell the company to them and return to England.  That’s not going to happen. They are not qualified to demand that we return to England. We have the breath of mind and vision. We only play for keeps, we do not sell. We will stay put and redouble efforts to gain experience into the applications of interdisciplinary  management and science disciplines. We reduced production costs. We have  a  good standing and trade in a transparent manner.

The lies seek to demoralise  and misdirect suppliers customers, bankers. They knew that suppliers and bankers are easily mislead. Presumably these are vulnerable targets to be exploited . Rumours and misinformation also serve as psychological warfare sowing confusion and uncertainty and hindering our progress. In the long run,catering to these sort of people are not to improve your business . Be warned the beautiful and kind words spoken have no substance, they are all meaningless once they are exposed. Narratives full of bias and mis-information  designed to fool the world. With such distraction , relax your guard, you are screwed. Once trust is lost, it is lost forever. Swiss machinery maybe exquisite but they are not irreplaceable. There are  alot of fish in the sea.. A lot of the equipment/parts were purchased at high prices and the after sales service is also very expensive.Therefore we had developled a new supplier chain since.

Our shortcomings were slowly solved by iteration and, enthusiasm. Malicious narratives prepared others  perceive us as risky  and not work with us. We always pay on a timely basis  and has never defaulted on any loans.   Other people can’t have  insight of what we are  doing.The narratives are incredible , are based on pure speculation and false statements. The narratives are still there. Presumably  the signature habitual disregard and contempt for everybody, misinforming everybody and, disrespecting everybody. They continued to demolish the relationships. When relationships are demolished it’s  difficult to turn back. Our payments are always timely. Indebtedness is zero for decades

After waves of smears campaigns and malicious rumours we stopped  being slient . It is not that  the company had old machinery, it is really that   the company was made to have old manchinery.  All new  production lines were looted and only dilapidated ones were left.  We are  ardently working to the lowest cost and reliability upgrading and, buying new machines one step a time.

We will say this to some people don’t bite the hand that feeds you –  trust lost is very difficult to recover.    Any supplier  who believes otherwise has been fooled or is a fool.  It’s easier to fool people than convince them that they have been fooled. We are in  engineering, when we have a problem with machine part,we would replace it,if that is not possible we change to a different part or, change to another machine .But we do not stop work.  We love to do business with everybody. But never trust anyone who betrayed us once. But if some suppliers  don’t sell their products to us they can only keep them in their warehouse.  If people want to sell, we want to buy. If they don’t ,we don’t. From our experience, deception is all about acting and  theatrics.  Bankers,suppliers,customers got played too -in 1991 they told people that we would implode in 2 months . Of course that has not happened that will not happen. 

Our rescue of the company resulted in overselves being stabbed in the back. We were inflicted with damage amidst  being trapped by ferocious ,deadly, sorcrey attacks that persisted relentlessly day after day  for 33 years. With unwavering determination we must defeat the sorcery this time.  Presumably sorcery is an important part of a” trap and slaughter “targeting us. Evil deeds bring karmic retributions. No matter how difficult it is we are not be defeated.  Crooks  have no constructive talent, little education, no conscience, too much  plagiarism ,  a fixation to  grab other peoples’ assets, and psychopathetic obsessions.  After an experience like that ,we no longer have any illusions about those with a reputation of lying and making fake promises.The experience taught us never go near a crocodile with open jaws because it can swallow you with one bite. We find it hard to explained in any other simple way.

 Multiple all-directions attacks  unrelenting over 34 year could only happen with  months and years of preparations. Plant and machinery left behind  were too old and labour intensive. They stripped anything they can cart away. What they can’t, were made useless.   In every key production line a key machine  has been , shifted  out or, sold off which made the linked  production lines totally useless.  The  extreme repression was to quickly crash  the company and shift the blame  onto the new owner. It was a insult. An incoming  owner to take control of a company  rigged to implode. The  implosion of the company  would destroy all records, erase all tracks, thereby  legitimize ill-gotten businesses. This was exacerbated by the damages to even more critical toolings, plant and machinery ,crippling production. Losing production businesses was tantamount to dismemberment of General Container.  Cui  bono. Who benefits and what benefits.

From the begining in 1989 when we acquired the company,we were caught in the situation of a ” trap and slaughter” strategy. In such strategy,over the next  2  1/2 years the company was captured by the same  management who had in effect created  the chaos to provide cover for their dirty work. .We were restricted in operational control and keeping us reliant on existing management. We were repeatedly threathened and had to step aside. Our instructions were totally ignored or distorted or sabotaged  . Furthermore we were manipulated into avoiding contact with any employees we were told  they are hostile to us. One the other side, employees were manipulated into avoiding us to avoid being sacked by us.   Any employees seen talking to us were  summarily sacked.   In turn we were told the employees have resigned of their own accord – totally false. Employees  and us  were totally manipulated and at each others throat.  Strange indeed  we saw employees were manipulated into  reporting wrongdoings of the crooks  to the masterminds, This  culminated in resignations  of  100 of a total 120 employees all at once. The damage was that our just installed state- of- the- art LTG and Fuji Premac  USD2 million printing line was disrupted.  Put simply, we were powerless to stop them from stealing our property. It was a situation where everybody hears nothing sees nothing, it is trickery on a industrial scale.  There is the mockery  that we can’t run the company and will disintegrate within 2 months.  That didn’t happen. It won’t not happen.

Given the abusive relationship we have been subjected to, it would not be a concern to them if the same tactics were used control or destroy others. The Printing department was rotten and corrupt buying huge amounts of overpriced ,useless inks and taking kick-backs. The Sales department was rotten and corrupt, including illegally transferring below cost our products  to their relatives who in turn re-sell at a high price mark-up to  customers not allowed to contact us directly.. The Assembly Line  department was rotten and corrupt buying in  overpriced services and parts   .  The Accounting department was rotten and corrupted to cover up and booking false transactions . Paying bribes is expressly prohibited. All this is  doesn’t begin to describe the  damage to us.

The sheer scale of sabotage was revealing – all critical information infrastructure including ,key machine manuals ,files, blue- prints , records, were stolen or, seen  burnt. The scammers controlled and  captured the company enabling  the  falsifications  and concealment of theft. It was terrible to find so many critical infrastructure including toolings and machinery were stolen and/or damaged beyond repair. These were  attacks hitting from all directions had hampered our production capabilities. They were pressing us step by step and we have been moving forward step by step. Staying focused is a prerequisite .  Existential struggles are ideal conditions to learn how everything really works where to spend money   and where to save money. We need to improve our performance. The best time to learn is when it falis.

Between 1989 and  2021   best part of our lives were wasted . Many valuable opportunities were missed, such as, joint ventures, to make turn-off caps ,to name just one.  We have no background  in   can-making , it was easy to set us up to take any blame. The sorcery attacks  are the most egregious that we faced  in our 46 years professional career.  We experienced horror scenes that only exists in Hong Kong violent ghost movies actually happening to us. Similar to the plot in a horror movie as long as the victim still has a breath the game won’t end. The severity of damage to so many critical assets in every production line had disrupted operations.  Amid this backdrop we are constantly making steady progress   We are  always pay suppliers, banks, and everybody on a timely basis. It’s about having integrity and scruples.  Our management philosophy emphasizes reliability and trustworthiness – no double talk and, no false pretenses. We are from abroad and  always kept a low profile and, mind our own business. No plagiarism. No false empathy.  No false information. No  lies.  No  professional cheats. No fraudulent methods.  We have a clear vision about business operations which drive the rise and fall of good quality low production costs. Our products have been able to  return to normal delivery rhythm.  As always we will enthusiastically keep doing it and, doing it well .Festina lente.

 Between 1989 and 1921  our top rated position was affected in packaging industry by disruptions caused by stolen production lines , sabotaged equipment ,destruction of toolings  being the most severe. From being nobody to dominate the industry. Stealing is easy – thinking out things for yourself is hard. Stolen assets have zero cost underscoring it’s critical importance. The sabotage have also destroyed our crucial exports trade . Because of this we have lost our entire overseas market, of sales over MYR 10 million. This experience have sounded the alarm and  a warning to everyone .

So what is the current situation?  The situation of  34 years showed there are no  limits they are willing to go to limit our recovery. Sorcery attacks have been the root cause of distractions ,and a formidable to tool to defeat against the asset grab.  They won’t back off until they are forced to or are overwhelmed when all means of attacks were exhausted. Over time we expect these to alleviate.However formidable  the evil, we are not indefensible. Ulitmately,  Good always  triumphs against Evil.. Sadly,after the years of  dangers and difficulties may have  reduced  our international  image and status. The more the insults the more diligently we strive. After round after round of attacks over decades we are still alive and  well. Proof that we are not afraid of ghost and, not afraid of evil.  We have the best development potential inside and outside the industry.

  Our path to development were blocked by the other party we could only explore step by step by ourselves to accumulate experience through continuous failures and find the direction of breakthrough. Cans production require huge investment in fixed assets. The fundamental direction and design of thieves and looters have not changed .  Although the road to break the monopoly of thieves and looters is not easy, it is better to walk on the road than to stand still. As a responsible manufacturer we prioritize our customers. And we regard employees as valuable  resources. No   cheating, no lies , no concealment. We view the attacks as a challenge to overcome. It’s only a matter of time

The crooks have made up their minds to kill  us. How can such dishonest companies can achieve such a feat ?  However we have withstood crisis  after crisis and maintained our stability and competitiveness. As long as there is firm belief ,continuous efforts and perseverance we can achieve impressive results. We are determined to fight . We faced off many short-term difficulties ,these are all worth it. Many people  say, you have contained the onslaughts but at what cost? We have a broader and longer vision, and we don’t care  about cost when it comes  to fighting against evil.  It will not block us. Blocking someone’s way , could end  up blocking your own path. The heavy pressures on us were a stimulus to creativeness both inside and outside the industry. A stimulus to  dare to develop strategic  and   tactical  strategies to face off whatever aimed at us. These are not natural crisis , they are man made – will  be retributions. We say living with the feeling that you have done someting irredeemable is worse than death – the day of reckoning beckons. The time has come. Once a villian you are a villian to the end . 

We withstood crisis after crisis ,unprecedented difficulties, hostilities ,coercions,sorcery  relentlessly 24/7  over  33 years. The path from zero to one was arduous,our competitiveness and efficiency remains strong. In the past employees were routinely bribed  by suppliers. Similarly   customers’ employees in the suppliers decision-making roles were routinely bribed.  High quality corruption costs more was reason we have to walk away from some companies. It’s higher costs for them and higher costs us. These are invisible barriers to cooperation. Respect for our customers  means dismantling the  systemic  corruption , theft that were deep-rooted into every facet of  General Container over many years,required a root and branch reform in as many years.  We cannot expose all that happened the list is too long.

If you look behind everything there is no  business it’s a  mechanism of lies,cheating and stealing .  Today we have begun to emerge. In everything we do – we work differently from others. We dare to think and dare to do it. We  demonstrated our technical strength.  We may be small but we have a lot behind us. When we feel stressed and upset we drive a battle tank. Righteous people value their integrity more than their lives. The greater the pressure the greater the motivation. Sun Tzu said “in the midst of chaos ,there is opportunities.” We have changed the way how things work and  laid a solid foundation. Before General Container, we have a very successful professional career and unique experience . We are a man of our words. Our habit is to work more diligently than ever.

After 33 years of attacks and difficulties we have gained experience in multiple domains which helped us better adapt to constantly changing environment. This is requires a massive investment  to ensure iterative updates of techniques. Our years of education stood us in good stead.In our platform ,new machinery and upgrade of parts, sufficient development collaboration, unified access to data unified operation and maintenance done step by step.In order to do this we need to expand our work force  which means finding additional human resources . Sadly if our education system like it is is not geared toward vocational skills ,you need to create that which could take years and years.  A little more time is needed to ensure that all  equipment are working properly ,stable and reliable. It augurs well that the company’s long term fundamentals had  begun to show accelerated improvements.  Those who walk always come, and those who do always succeed. The chance is very high.

The experience taught us that the rational course of action is to smile  we move forward around the enemy . We never take a problem lying down, continuously invest funds and human resources .We would always think of solutions and opportuntities. We remain optimistic with positive surprises still showing the upside potential.   Everyone’s starting line is different  but as long as we keep running no matter how slow it may be we will get there. In the most dangerous time  get  in touch  with  what we fear  , study it and analyze it.  We are very aware where there are bumps in the road and where there will be crossroads.Opportunities always come  in crisis. Step by step we will overcome the attacks and  at some point a break through will happen.  Festina lente

Everything in General Container has been seriously damaged ,stolen,  sabotaged or destroyed  and have to be re-constructed from scratch. Our attitude towards attacks have always been unwavering. The company have undergone very significant changes laying the ground work to achieve  strong productivity and competitiveness. Our management philosophy regard employees as valuable resources others see employees as machines for making money.  We need to be smart enough to come up with solutions  that the other people hasn’t thought of. This is where the future is being made. As responsible owners, we are very deeply invested in unique strategy very different from traditional methods. As the old Chinese saying goes – “Yao xing fu xin xiao lu”. We have the ability and passion  to do it no matter what. We hope you will take a different lens and a different view  of us.  

H.S. Kong who is currently the Business Manager & Managing Director ( since 1991) ,and his team oversees the operations of the company. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. In 1971  he won a United Kingdom Social Science Research Council grant to read a Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Studies  at the University of Strathclyde,Glasgow,Scotland and, in addition attended many lectures in University of Glasgow. He also holds a Certificate in Trading Commodities Futures from the Institute of Finance ,New York  1976. With vast solid experince .

From 1977 , we very fond of thinking and exploring unknown things,  In that pursuit travelled the world  UK. Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia ,Malaysia , Japan,UAE, Egypt, Jordan ,Saudi Arabia and others as consultant for dozens of large and small companies in daunting assignments and contributed significantly to their success. With a basic science background in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics to A-levels proved really indispensible for cans -making  and, metal sheet printing  operations.

Disclaimer : This summary of events that happened to us is not intended to offend  anyone  and has an informational character. Your precious time spent with us is highly appreciated. If you want to help us  or support us in any way , please contact  us at  email : generalcontainer@hotmail.comThe impact was devastatingA