• WHO ARE WE : OUR STORY explains how we are navigating corporate deception and set-backs to rebuild a business . The challenges of owing and managing a factory  without equipment,tooling personnel amidst sabotage, extreme sorcery were tough. This is 34 years of our life.
  • 19 January  1957      : the company was incorporated with limited liability.

In December 1988 :  we agreed to buy the company albeit that it was days away from bankruptcy . H.S.Kong signed up takeover the company at an estimated MYR13.7 millions in including hidden liabilities that later came to light. We have been lied to and misled on everything about the company.  We became the controlling shareholder of the  Company but has no control over it.  The malicious individuals had in ways explained hereinafter hijacked management and, Board control .Decades of mismanagement and theft has left the the factory dilapidated and, with decadent embedded corruption and sabotage  hidden. Such problems increased our frustrations  annulled our efforts, waste time and money.  We have no engineering experience made  dependency on the existing employees inevitable. If you don’t have experience in metal cans manufacturing there will be pitfalls big and small waiting for you. This weakness was  heavily exploited against us.This  company was looted  beyond an empty shell and,  rigged to self-destruct. It seems unbelieveable. We thought we had resolved the solvency issue with massive write-off and cash injections  But it was actually insolvent and bankrupt .  A normal  insolvency may  be recoverable by injecting cash but, not  a company rigged to self- destruct.  In stark contrast, we had treated them with  respect including allowing them  a significant 15%  stake, continue as directors and even ceded  majority control of the board of directors  3- 1  to them and one of them  the managing director.

No one wants fraudulent partners. In a theater of absurd played out in our initial 2.5 years, malicious individuals promoted the idea to all employees that the new owner were  demons. Deliberated misconceptions. Probing our minds to extract advantages. Employees were totally fooled. We were baffled why no body realised that something wrong was going on. The lesson learnt is to have reliability and the critical know-how in your own hands to avoid being choked in the neck.  Subtle warnings from a few former employees and  bank were missed.  We were deceived by mastery deception , anomalies and manipulated transactions  skilfully hidden with active participation of all employees . The circumstances were  really really bizzare.  What we didn’t know was that the malicious invidivuals don’t really care so much  about the manufacturing operations  it’s kleptocracy  that the desirable part because it’ big business. Psychopaths think everybody are idiots. Such kleptocracy is going to play on and on until it can’t. When they need you they were very nice and persuasive at the same time. Soon after you bring in your investment they swindle you off your investment . Psychopaths naturally deploy false pretenses  to cover up  illegal activities . Fool the world.  In fact, it was a masterpiece performance  to thwart us  and rigged against whatever we do. They must have intense hatred of us to rob ,loot,  caused significant losses and  derailed our business. The crab mentality of  malicious persons  of anyone who is not like them is  a basic but strange affliction  to their character. As the scorpion says it’ in my nature. 

Even at the  begining ,during our negotiations with an exasperated creditor we were told that they were prepared to write off  MYR millions of outstanding debts to shut down the company absolutely . All the directors own the company and all  carried unlimited personal liablilities . In this set up, back then this company and it’s management were  days away from bankruptcy when we acquired them in cash including taking on all  MYR3.7  millions in assumed debts .When we took over, we paid in MYR1.5 million and creditors and bank wrote of MYR2.2 million. There were additional  undisclosed aggregate debts and lost assets, of  10 MYR millions. It is not a small sum and on top of the time and energy spent. We inherited an appalling mess. We were deceived. We thought we were restarting the company from zero debt. The revised colossal indebtedness made reviving the company beyond reach.

With hindsight had we known what we now know we would not have proceeded with the acquisition. What we are showing the world is the experience taught us that it took years and years to wipe out the network of malicious individuals and embedded networks particularly the invisible, to obiterate us.  A staggering waste of material resources and energy over the  34 years that could have been  put to more profitable use. It’s is hard work re-building from a totally wrecked factory and re-training people to do work in a factory.

After MYR 2.2 millions in in debt were written off , we entered the company and put up an  additiional  MYR 2 millions  cash put into the company.  Even then when we took  over the company in mid- 1991,  many  machinery out-dated . But there were also state of the art high quality production lines. Hidden  was the inventory of MYR350,000 of metal cans have more than 30 percent  seaming wringles, making them a total write-off . And that is just one of many damages and  wastage. Another was machinery failures,  stoppages that further curtailed production .

 Until 1991 when we ousted them,the company was effectively  under the watch of a smooth talking  management  in effect totally controlled corporate activities.  The entire company was broken, corrupted  and deceitful.  They say  one thing but did the opposite. We were undermined and marginalised, for example they sabotaged our export markets in Jordan and Egypt among others. Inspite  of the marginalised position we were we  honoured all our commitments in a timely manner to the creditors and ,banks, who wrote off  MYR2.2  millions for us to acquire the company. 

Gradually we paid off all the remaining  debts over decades.  When the company was going bust, they came to us to take over. Once bank creditors have written off MYR  2.2 millions of debt  they immediately turned  attacked us  from all directions. Under the cover of these attacks the company was looted and undermined as outlined below. Colossal damages were incurred , a decline in service quality and product quality . We were stymied .  To get a real insight why   crooks persist in manipulations , manufacturing self-esteem and consent for themselves, they need  cover to avoid  disrepute.

 The onslaught that happened re-defines brutalities. These had the characteristics of well prepared carefully and coordinated plan setting us up. Just 2 examples of many .  firstly in seating us close in  official functions, meetings.  Secondly ,malicious invividuals started operating their business from inside our factory, etc. In fact we were not even in talking terms.   We were subsequently told by people who are in the know that the impression of closeness  deterred them from contacting us to warn us. When we first stepped into the company in January 1989, we were away frequently in England for months. About the same time time ,  our 73mm diameter round cans production line  was our single biggest asset , the 73 mm diameter cans  business with all customers had been stolen and sold  under  false documentations  by a certain director without board of directors’ approval. The timing is just too good to be true. There is no great difficulty to do these if the will is there the way is there.  How valuable is the business? Enormously valuable.Regardless any excuses to cover up ,the company was not without a real choice . When you take an asset from the company and didn’t pay a cent for it we call it stolen and sold. No money whatsoever was received. The transactions were back-dated and invoices snow-patched and   serial numerical invoices has manually added A,B,C . to fit into a particular date  and   back-dating. 

It became increasingly difficult as manipulations kept emerging of stealing from other people’s business to get rich quick. They will say anything to sway opinion to get the money they need. Fool the world. Seemingly  that’s everyday work for them.  We are not the audience ,the audience is the rest of the industry. Their pretense  to make it look like they are doing us a favour. it diverts attention public attention. None of this benefits our company  in any conceivable way. Fool the the world. We saw this played out  our 73 mm diameter line and the entirety of the business was taken away. It was hurriedly taken away. The production of  73mm diameter cans  was already put into commercial production  at that time.  The 73 mm diameter cans business vitally important to production and sales of other products. What company  would put the interests of another company before their own interest?   Our loss was devastating . Prior to this the crooks have absolutely no experience in 73mm diameter cans business. They even recruited our key staff  and discard the others to leave. Follow the money , particularly, the tools used, where they are coming , the timeline , the characters involved, conflicts of interest, and the collaborators, the  baffling abnormalities, adding up to a grand theft and a cover-up. If it look like a duck  swims like a duck  quacks like a duck , it is probably a duck.

The network of systemic fraud, deception ,swindling and cheating are key difficulties designed to evade  detection or discovery. You need to understand the key elements how the malicious individuals acted the way they did, study the timing,follow the money ,coordination,  insider information and collusion and the involvement of many others to systemically damage critical company infrastructure  beyond economic repair.  It is far reaching sabotage designed to wreck the company,  and destroy anyone  who might suceed. The unexpectedly the  heavy damages  inflicted were further exacerbated by assaults of sorcery.  In this way we faced intensified  deception and lies non-stop for 2  1/2  years .  Against formidable odds, we  oust all the crooks responsible.  The ouster triggered intensified attacks non-stop  24/7 for 33 years. The scale of damage hindered our  development for many years. All these attacks showed intent. We remained steadfast we are not helpless. Help from heavens changed the situation. In these  34 years, the lessons learnt is to prevent shut down by others. That’s not going to happen. Time will tell the good from the evil. The incredible things  that happened  maybe tough to understand if you have no experience.  As  you scroll down, it gets increasingly worse.

Discovery of the malicious individuals and their removal triggered a firestorm of systematic attacks which re-set in  the ugliest way standards of abuse and tactical viciousness  which we outline below. Investigations and gathering  evidence has taken decades  of painstakingly   searches through boxes  of documents and talking to banks, and suppliers.  The sheer mastery of the art of lying , cheating and looting had to be seen to be believed .They say one thing and does another.  Colossal damage was inflicted, particularly through dark non-visible channels.The fish rots from the head down. In contrast our philosophy has no place for those ill-gotten gains. There is no need to.   

When we first step into the company, they had already  rigged the company, eroded it’s competitiveness , corrupted it’s supply chain . Inevitably  our output was hit. The malicious individuals took our market share and replaced us in the market for tin cans. Exasperating  the difficulties,  we were hit with 13 lawsuits under various spurious claims which were  serious distractions. 

The maliciousl individuals seriously compromised the integrity of the business ,stole and sold company trade secrets to their collaborators/partners. The entire company was systemically rigged . The supply chain was  disrupted, our was production disrupted, our customers were poached. The difficulties were formidable but not insurmountable. These coordinated  attacks  provided cover for wrongdoings. All the while they were telling us that they were helping us.  They were actually doing everything  to crush us.  We saw t  their group of   7 related companies collaborated in targeting General Container with predatory pricing, taking machines tools and dies, staff poaching –   all round assault. Clearly these  point to collusion between internal and external parties to steal the company’s resources.

The important thing to keep in mind is that we had not violate  their interest.  In the past  no one has ever survived their extreme abuse as we did . We have to  grow  technological confidence  as we  work tiredlessly on ongoing  engineering upgrades and diversification from the corrupt  low quality high cost supply chain. We have made heavy engineering investments. 

 In 21 June 1991  we have  no  experience in manufacturing metal cans This is outweighed by  enormous passion for it. We could only cross the river by feeling the stones. Technical problems requires  weeks or even  months to resolve. Not  any more. We have an indominable  spirit and never give up. We can learn something even if we are not good at it. At the initial stages we don’t know what we don’t know  ,we had relied excessively on others ,being controlled by others was high risk. When we  wrest back the control of the company – we were relentless attacked on all fronts simultaneously. Lost sales cause decrease in economies of scale, R & D and innovation. Those  24/7 storm of  all-out attacks were savage and  intensified for decades. The more pressure they applied, the more we  acquired real experience and bring greater advantages.  It’s only a matter of time.  We will not abandon cans making or surrender. We will do whatever we have to do to move forward.

A very important point to keep in mind is that they  came  to us for  help , we didn’t  go to them to buy the company. Our help  rescued them from within days of bankruptcy and call  on  their directors’ personal guarantees given to certain a tin-plate supplier and the banks. 

*1991    –   2016:   The heavy spells of sorcery cast over us  was vicious and most horrific we had ever faced. This purpose to it.  The key time point  is January  1989 during the transition days leading to transfer  of company ownership to us. When we were distracted and focused on  tough negotiations with the company’s major creditor, and the banks   two new complete automatic manufacturing lines business completely with customers and key workers   were egregiously removed . It was stolen and sold  with faked invoices to cover up the illegitimate wrongdoing .How valuable are these businesses? The business was vitally important in tin cans manfacturing had monopoly position in industry. With the 73mm, business they grabbed our leading market position. The 73 mm business  became the key driver of their prosperity at that time and, is still the key driver of their prosperity to this date. Market demand for   73mm  (300)   diameter cans ,and  99 mm (401) diameter cans were very high and still is . These businesses are our core competitiveness. These are high volume, high end  metal cans for the food packaging industries. At that time all the de-bugging, testing ,verfication were completed . With commercial production in operation  it was an immediate success with high profitability. The 73 mm business were  the pillar of our  business with a stable base of high quality customers.  This is a entire 73mm diamter cans  business  stolen and sold  was our real core competitive advantage in the industry . A co-incidence?  Who is willing to give up their core competitive technology to others? Whoever controls these small round diameter cans and square cans has the most complete and sophisticated cans making in the industry and weld significant influence in the cans- making industry . The  73mm and 99mm  diameter cans businesses were the  raison d’etre for buying General Container. These machinery are all automatic ,new ,cutting edge and had achieved full commercial production. Lose one it’s a pain, lose two, you are out of business. We realized that without the support of the 73 mm and 99 mm diameter cans ,the General Container’ core competitive advantages were severely affected. They claimed they were helping us.  The facts  undermined  these assertions.  No one would want to ruin themselves. Shifting other people’s property that do not belong to you without paying a cent for it, the behavour is  theft.   With nearly 50 percent of the market they are a monopoly which enable them to harvest  high prices. Cui bono.

A supplier told us these malicious individuals mocked as  us  ” the “two suckers from Singapore”. They bought goods  below cost sold by insiders of the company who are working for them. The truth is it was they  who set up, and  benefited immensely from  fraudulent transactions . In fact with the assistance and  collusion of the company insiders, they had obtained semi-finished products at insanely  low prices and at a  immense loss to General Container. Falsified invoices and delivery notes were signed off or, manipulated , back-dated  and more for the company’s most important assets and resources, point to that the malicious invidivuals have  also habitually taken  critical tools and dies ,and only  returned  worn-out or beyond economic repair. 

In  carefully designed insider sabotage , stolen and sold activities stripped the company of all it’s best and most valuable assets in collaboration with their external partners . If you believe the opposite you are not thinking logically. In cheating, lies, and stealing, people designing them aren’t idiots. There are not going to be 100 percent disclosure or, 100 percent transparency .We didn’t get justice either ,legal action failed . Our case was labelled as not “enough  evidence” That is at best reductive.   When our case reached the court ,it was  20 years how to produce the bank witnesses. We must analyze ,where they are coming from, the way they are raised, the friends they chose. And  clues  at the behavorial characteristics and other anomalies. The most important question is the pupose of cheating ,lying and stealing? Cui bono. We have to say this to some of you even if you don’t care anything about what happened to us – better be careful what happened to us doesn’t come to visit you. Knowing autumn from a single leaf.

In  June 21,1991 when we abruptly and unexpectedly wrest control of the company, only to find the factory and business  totally sabotaged. In the every production lines a critical connections were damaged or, gone missing or subject to a spurious claim. The close connectivity in every link is very important and indispensable.   The production lines are a highly integrated system. If one piece of equipment fails the entire production line may come to a halt. Sabotage is easily carried out. The sabotage that happened hit every production line. That happened far too often to be a coincidence.  Our price list, pricing calculations , profit margins, customer list ,and many more sensitive information were stolen. We were thus in a disadvantageous position . That had a really really adverse impact on our business. Another issue is – there were no  technical literature , no drawings, no blue prints , missing correspondence files,etc  . When nearly every useful resource of the company was systemically stolen or destroyed or damaged,  presented major difficulties to  operations , let alone legal actions. This happened because operational control of the company was not in our hands. Every aspect of our business was systemically rigged. Timely shipping and reliable delivery  were disrupted. Overall   reliability in all process, production capabilities were hampered and products could not be shipped. Sales dropped .   The right way is to be tenacious. If we don’t fight we don’t know. 

Our defence drive the cows, demons, gods and, snakes came out. We experienced a extreme new form of  war of attrition.This distinctive characteristic  weaponisation  of sorcery on a colossal scale.   We won’t succumb. Even when added to the mix were critical  toolings and machinery  for production being simultaneously sabotaged. A lot of other plant and equipment machines, toolings were intentionally replaced dilapidated ones that could no longer be put into use. Resulting in production outages and massive waste . The technical difficulties were daunting . Blowing out others’ candle does not make yours shine brighter. We find it hard to explained in any other simple way. 

2016-  2021    :  in the 18 years to  2016,  we faced intensifying all-round attacks, blockades , formidable challenges .  These distractions means opportunities were lost.  But one important thing to note, falling behind now does not mean not falling behind forever.  We started to emerge from the difficulties after 2016. We still have value. We have smooth integration of printing and, cans -making assembly bringing significant cost advantageous . We have achieved zero faults, zero delays  and , zero account adjustments. Today we are adapting our business strategies to cope  and avoid the high cost of continually adjusting our strategy to adapt to different technologies different suppliers. We can develop without looking at anyone’s face. We are no longer  affected by denial of service or supplies.  Step by step we are learning through working with  an open mind is the key to solving problems. Each step requires re-thinking and re-shaping. We are getting better and better.

The malicious individuals  told us to sell the company  and return to England. It is not for malicious individuals to decide. o That’s not going to happen.  Because we only play for keeps.  We have  a  good standing and trade in a transparent manner.

The malicious lies and rumours sought to shift focus from what they have done  and misdirect suppliers customers, bankers. Suppliers and bankers are known to be vulnerable  threats, risks . Albeit they don’t know what these people are doing.  Malicious rumours and lies as psychological warfare sowing confusions and uncertainties in customers’ minds and very severely distorted what was really happenning. For example, we decided  to sell an  old printing line .This was misrepresented as , we have no money  – we had sell machinery . In fact we sell old in order to buy a new .  So pandering to these sort of people are not to improve your business . Be warned the smooth talkers have no substance, once they are exposed they are all irrelevant.  The narratives full of bias and mis-information  designed to fool the world. With such distraction , relax your guard, you are screwed.  Equipment/parts were purchased at high prices and the after sales service is also  expensive. Swiss machinery may be exquisite but ,they are not irreplaceable. We are a customer , and customers shop around. Once trust is lost, it is lost forever. Techinical support is the motivation to diversify the supply chain, and create an new supply . If the road is impassible new ways of breakthrough can be found. There is plenty of fish in the sea. 

Shortcomings were slowly resolved by iteration and enthusiasm. Malicious narratives deceived  others  perceive us as risky  and not work with us. We always pay on a timely basis  and has never defaulted on any loans.   Other people can’t have  insight of what we are  doing.The narratives are severely exaggerated what were really happening. The narratives are still ongoing. These are  the signature habitual disregard and contempt for everybody, misinforming everybody and, disrespecting everybody. They continued to demolish the relationships. Once relationship  demolished it’s  difficult to turn back. It’s the credibility that is at stake. Our payments are always timely. Indebtedness is zero.

After waves of smears campaigns and malicious rumours we stopped  being slient . The reality  is not that  the company had old machinery, it is really that the company was made to have old manchinery.  All new  production lines were looted and only dilapidated ones were left.  We are  working on upgrading and replacing new machines  one step a time. 

We will say this to some people, don’t bite the hand that feeds you –  trust lost is very difficult to recover.    Any supplier  who believes otherwise has been fooled or is a fool.  It’s easier to fool people than convince them that they have been fooled. We are in  engineering, when we have a problem with machine part,we would replace it,if that is not possible we change to a different part or, change to another machine .But we do not stop work.  We love to do business with everybody 。 But never trust anyone who betrayed us . Once a villian you are a villian to the end. But if some suppliers  don’t sell their products to us they can only keep them in their warehouse.  If people want to sell, we want to buy. We are keen to co-operate with any one particularly those with complimentary strenghts . Bankers,suppliers,customers got played too -in 1991 they were told that we would implode in 2 months . It didn’t happen.  

Our rescue of the company resulted in overselves being stabbed in the back. We could not forsee the ferocious and deadly sorcrey  that hit us relentlessly 24/7 for 33 years . Extreme sorcery was the main tool of  blockade and containment .The place was really really dirty. We know the sorcery was deadly and  the most powerful part of a” trap and slaughter ” targetiing us.It inspired us to be even more determined to succeed.  Now we cannot give up.  When a individual had to resort under-hand  methods  means they have no constructive talent, little education, no conscience,   plagiarism ,  a fixation to  grab other peoples’ assets, and other psychopathetic obsessions. Throughout history malicious individuals always end up going down on their own. After an experience like that ,we no longer have any illusions about those with a reputation of lying and making fake promises.The  awful experience taught us never go near a crocodile with open jaws because it can swallow you with one bite. The pattern of maneuvers is telling.   We find it hard to explained in any other simple way.

The important question is why do they have to attack us like  that? We find it hard to believe that it is other than a modus operandi of evil.  How else can  34 years of relentless attacks  be sustained to paralyzed us. They lied , cheated and steal.. So it is important to ask the right questions.  We were handed a mess of targeted sabotage of  plant and machinery . They stripped anything they can cart away. What they can’t , were made useless. Futher exacerbated by the damages to critical toolings, plant and machinery  resulting incrippled production.  In every key production line, a key machine  has been shifted  out or, purportedly sold off to collaborators rendering production lines useless.  The purpose was to quickly crash  the company and shift the blame  onto the new owner. An incoming  owner taking control of a company that was  rigged to implode. It was a insult. There is method in this madness.  The  implosion of the company  would destroy all records, erase all tracks, thereby  legitimize ill-gotten gains.  Losing production  was tantamount to dismemberment of General Container.  Cui  bono. 

From the begining in 1989 when we acquired the company,we were caught in the situation of a ” trap and slaughter” strategy. Our sudden isolation had caused us great difficulties. In such strategy,over the next  2  1/2 years the company was captured by the same  management who had in effect created  the chaos to provide cover for their ill-gotten gains. .We were restricted in operational control and keeping us reliant on existing management inspite of our expressed objections. We were repeatedly threathened and marginalised. Our instructions were totally ignored or distorted or sabotaged  . Furthermore we were manipulated into avoiding contact with any employees we were told  they are hostile to us. One the other side, employees were manipulated into avoiding us to avoid being sacked by us.   Any employees seen talking to us were  summarily sacked.   In turn we were told the employees have resigned of their own accord – totally false. Employees  and us  were totally manipulated and at each others throat.  Strange indeed  we saw employees were manipulated into  reporting wrongdoings of the crooks  to the masterminds. This peaked  in resignations  of  100 of a total 120 employees all at once. Our just installed state- of- the- art LTG and Fuji Premac costing USD2 million printing line was disrupted.   we were powerless to stop them from stealing our property. It was a radically bizzare situation where everybody hears nothing sees nothing .

 Every part of the company was rigged for self- destruction.  Such as the Printing department was rotten and corrupt buying huge amounts of overpriced ,useless inks and taking kick-backs. The Sales department was rotten and corrupt, including illegally transferring below cost our products  to their relatives who in turn re-sell at a high price mark-up to  customers not allowed to contact us directly. The Assembly Line  department was rotten and corrupt buying in  overpriced services and parts   .  The Accounting department was rotten and corrupted to cover up and booking false transactions .  Paying bribes is expressly prohibited. Corruptions stopped as we replaced everybody . We replaced the supply chain looking for more reliable and stable partners. Given the  abusive relationship we have been subjected, it would not be surprising  if the same tactics were deployed against  others. All this is  doesn’t begin to describe the  damage to us.

The sheer scale of sabotage was staggering – all critical information infrastructure including ,key machine manuals ,files, blue- prints , records, were stolen or,   documents burnt. The network these scammers built controlled and  captured the company enabling  the  falsifications  and concealment of theft. It was terrible to find so many critical infrastructure including toolings and machinery were stolen and/or damaged beyond repair. These were  attacks hitting from all directions had hampered our production capabilities. They were pressing us step by step and we have been moving forward step by step. We didn’t back down. We have staying focused is a prerequisite and also demonstrated our adaptability and response. Facing  existential struggles,  we learn how everything really works, where to allocate money and how to save money.  Great people always finds opportunities inadversity.

Between 1989 and  2021   best part of our lives were wasted . Many valuable opportunities were missed, including joint ventures overseas,to name just one of many. We have no previous  experience  in  can-making , so we had been  set up to take the  blame. The sorcery attacks  are the most egregious that we ever  faced  in our  professional career.  We experienced horror scenes that only exists in Hong Kong violent ghost movies actually happening to us. Similar to the plot in a horror movie as long as the victim still has a breath the game won’t end. The  damage was so severe in many critical devices in every production line restricted production . We attach great importance to pay suppliers, banks, and everybody on a timely basis. It’s about having integrity and scruples.  Our management philosophy emphasizes reliability and trustworthiness – no double talk and, no false pretenses. We are from abroad and  always kept a low profile and, mind our own business. No plagiarism. No false empathy.  No false information. No  lies.  No  professional cheats. No fraudulent methods.  We care. Our products have  returned to normal delivery rhythm.  As always we will enthusiastically keep doing it and, doing it well .Festina lente.

 Between 1989 and 1921  our top ranking position in packaging industry was destroyed by disruptions .The crooks stole production lines , sabotaged equipment, , damaged toolings in a scorch-earth policy.   But we have not been defeated. Stealing is easy – thinking out things for yourself is hard. Stolen assets have zero cost underscoring it’s critical importance.Sabotage have also destroyed our crucial exports trade . Indeed we have lost our entire overseas market with  sales over MYR 10 million. This experience have sounded the alarm and  a warning to everyone. What is said here does not fully reflect the full extent of the damage.

So what is the current situation?  The situation of  34 years showed there are no  limits they are willing to go. Indeed it is disruptive. We saw the wide-spread sorcery assaults were the root cause of distractions . They won’t back off until they are forced to or, are overwhelmed when all means of attacks were exhausted. Sorcery spells casted are horrendous.   We have not yet begun to fight. The good always  triumphs over evil. After the years of  dangers and difficulties and the significant loss  of the company’s most important assets may have  destroyed our international  image and status.  Yet we are still alive and  well inspite of round after round of attacks over decades . Proof that we are not afraid of ghost and, not afraid of evil. 

 Whilst our path to development were blocked by the others , we could only explore step by step to accumulate experience from  failures and find the direction of breakthroughs. Whether in the office or factory floor we treated it as a career and never take it lightly. Cans production require huge investment in fixed assets. There is no short -cuts.  Although the road to break the monopoly of thieves and looters was tough, it is better to walk on the road than to stand still. As a responsible manufacturer we prioritize our customers. No   cheating, no lies , no concealment. We view the attacks on us as a challenge to be overcome. It’s only a matter of time.

It is increasingly evident the crooks want to obliterate us. Just  because we are more special, exclusive and better than any other.   We have withstood crisis  after crisis and maintained our stability and competitiveness. As long as there is firm belief ,continuous efforts and perseverance we can achieve impressive results. Our determination is unwavering. We may have  a little more  difficulties but these are short-term and  the efforts are worth it. Many people  say, you have contained the onslaughts but at what cost? We have a broader and longer vision, and we don’t care  about cost when it comes  to fighting against evil.  It will not block us. Blocking someone’s way , could end  up blocking your own path. The heavy pressures on us were stimulus for creativeness both inside and outside the industry. A stimulus to  dare to develop strategic  and   tactical  strategies to face off whatever aimed at us. These are not natural crisis , they are man made – there will  be retributions. Malicious individuals would be living with the feeling that you have done someting irredeemable, is worse than death . The day of reckoning beckons. It would be a joy to watch.

This callousness  is evident from the use of these extreme sorcery  relentlessly 24/7  over  34 years . Making our pathway from zero to one was arduous. Our competitiveness and efficiency are  strong enough. In the past employees were routinely bribed  by suppliers. Similarly   customers’ employees in the suppliers decision-making roles were routinely bribed.  Sophisticated corruption costs more. A reason we have to walk away from some companies. It’s higher costs for them and higher costs us. These are non-visible barriers to trade. We have to honestly develop economically practical plan which means respect customers  which in turn means dismantling the  systemic  corruption , theft which were deeply rooted. That is irreversible.  We cannot expose all that happened the list is too long.

With the plundering of the company’s core  competitive advantages and resources ,we faced  siege, containment and blockade .  Looking at the pattern we saw the modus operandi. After decades of hard work, we have begun to emerge. In everything we do – we are different from others. In order to stand out in the battlefield of cans making, we dare to think and dare to do it. We  demonstrated our technical strength.  We may be small but we have a lot behind us. When we feel stressed and upset we drive a battle tank. Righteous people value their integrity more than their lives. The greater the pressure the greater the motivation. Sun Tzu said “in the midst of chaos ,there is opportunities.” We have changed the way how things work and  laid a solid foundation. Before General Container, we have a very successful professional career and unique experience . We are a man of our words. Our response is to work smart more diligently than ever.Success is built on solid foundations.

After enduring 34 years of relentless attacks and difficulties we have gained significant  experience , iterative updates of techniques and increase efficiency.  Our education stood us in good stead. For a start , we had new machinery and upgrade of parts, sufficient development collaboration, unified access to data, unified operation and maintenance, done step by step.In order to do this we need to expand our work force. Impossible to do at the moment . Sadly  our country’s education system like it is, is not geared toward vocational skills ,you need to create that which could take decades. In precious core technologies we had rely on ourselves, only by mastering it in our own hands can we stand  firm and achieve unexpected results  A little more time please.  Those who walk always come, and those who do always succeed. The chance is very high.  .

We will continuously invest funds and human resources. Our philosophy regards employees as valuable resources whilst others see employees as machines for making money.  We would always think of solutions and opportuntities. A single spark can start a prairie fire.We remain optimistic with positive surprises still showing the upside potential.   Everyone’s starting line is different  but as long as we keep running no matter how slow it may be we will get there. In the most dangerous time  get  in touch  with  what we fear  , study it and analyze it.  We are very aware where there are bumps in the road and where there are cross-roads. Opportunities always come  in crisis. Step by step we will overcome the attacks and  at some point a break through will happen.  Festina le

Everything in General Container  were seriously damaged, stolen,  sabotaged or destroyed. It had to be re-constructed from scratch. Difficulties and hardships did not defeat us.  General Container will become increasingly resilience. It will become increasingly prosperous. We think competition and make them better. We are competitive. We don’t need or want to use anti-competitive methods. We have become more alert and prepared for anything. We  think smart to come up with solutions  other people hasn’t thought of. Our unique strategy is prioritizing production and customers. Quality is the absolute truth.  As the old Chinese saying goes – “Yao xing fu xin xiao lu” ( to get rich first build a road). We have the ability and passion  to do it no matter what. We are incredibly excited and optimistic for the future. We hope you will take a different lens and a different view  of us.  

H.S. Kong who is currently the Business Manager & Managing Director ( since 1991) ,and his team oversees the operations of the company. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. In 1971  he won a United Kingdom Social Science Research Council grant to read a Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Studies  at the University of Strathclyde,Glasgow,Scotland and, in addition attended many lectures in University of Glasgow. He also holds a Certificate in Trading Commodities Futures from the Institute of Finance ,New York  1976. With vast solid experince in corporate finance, preparing  companies for public listing , turning around companies in  seven countries around the world.

Since 1977 , we have a high workload. We have been engaged in business management for over 50 years. as consultant for dozens of large and small companies in daunting assignments in UK. Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia ,Malaysia , Japan,UAE, Egypt, Jordan ,Saudi Arabia. We have developed a deep understanding of the problems  and ,unique skills learned over many years.  With a basic science background in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics to A-levels proved really indispensible for cans -making  and, metal sheet printing  operations. 

Disclaimer : This summary of events that happened to us is not intended to offend  anyone  and has an informational character. Your precious time spent with us is highly appreciated. We are actively seek partners and colleagues If you want to help us  or support us in any way , please contact  us at  email : generalcontainer@hotmail.com